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Arboricultural, Woodland & Ecology Consultancy

Our consultancy provides a personnel approach for a diverse, long standing & expanding client base, offering a broad range of arboricultural and woodland services, which include but not exclusively: –

Trees & Development Consultancy Services
BS5837 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations (2012) – Reports
Tree Survey & Categorisation with Tree Constraints Plan
Arboricultural Implications Assessment with draft Tree Protection Plan
Arboricultural Method Statement with Tree Protection Plan
Site monitoring through Arboricultural Watching Briefs
Experience in developing bespoke tree protection solutions

Tree Preservation Order assessments & applications
Arboricultural support for Planning Appeals & Planning Hearings
Mortgage & Insurance Surveys

Tree Condition Consultancy services

Ash Dieback Disease Surveying
Tree Condition Surveying & Reports from single trees to whole estates & county wide.
Decay Detection & Tree Stability Investigations using specialist diagnostic equipment
Veteran & Ancient Tree Management
Devising bespoke digital Tree Management Systems & Surveying
Risk Zoning for landowners.

Woodland Management Services
Woodland Management Plans
Ancient Woodland Specialist Assessments
Woodland Inventories & Mensuration
Woodland Creation Schemes
Urban Planting Schemes
Felling License Applications & European Protected Species Assessments / Method Statements

Ecology Consultancy Services

Bat Ecology Services (Licensed Ecologist)

Hedgerow Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessments (Arboriculture)
Other Consultancy Services
Training courses in basic tree condition issues; tree identification; trees and development; woodland management. We provide a bespoke service to suit your requirements and will issue Certificates of Attendance upon request.
Digital mapping and CAD services.
Japanese Knotweed Surveying & Control Programmes (includes all other INNS).

  We look forward to hearing from you – our highly qualified, experienced team are happy to discuss any Arboricultural Consultancy requirements  

Arboricultural Consultancy Services

Steve using decay detection equipment on a MEWP

Our consultancy provides a personnel approach with our two senior consultants having over 65 years joint experience, directly undertaking and overseeing all works. We have a diverse and long-standing client base which is expanding as we offer a broad range of bespoke arboricultural and woodland management services.

We also provide training courses in basic tree condition issues, tree identification, trees and development, woodland management.

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